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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Spivack Castle Debate

There is a debate today and Michael Castle is going to try to make himself out to be a big hero because he got a stem cell bill vetoed by George Bush. (That is Castle's great success, a vetoed bill. Hurray!)

The stem cell issue, and every other issue in this race is subservient to the fact that Michael Castle voted for Bush's "plan" for Iraq. Although that "plan" was never released or discussed, Kos has pieced it together from the events of the past five years.

The Bush PLAN for Iraq

1) Bomb the daylights out of Iraq, 2000 pound JDAMS and cruise missiles, day and night, into heavily populated areas, utterly destroy the government at every level and eliminate key infrastructure, literally burn it to the underground bunkers.

2) Rumble north from Kuwait in multiple armored columns ten miles long tearing up the highways with tank treads micromanaged by Donald Rumsfeld while, 2a) spraying entire towns with heavy caliber depleted uranium rounds left and right along the way, and 2b) strafing anything that moves from the air.

3) Upon arrival in a now devastated Baghdad, suffering from power blackout and reeking to high heaven thanks to no water or sewer services -- not to mention homes, gutters, and waterways full of rotting bloated corpses -- detain or snuff every policemen and military member dumb enough to still be wearing a uniform, shoot the city full of gaping holes, crater the roadways. Drag terrified civilians, men, women, kids, out of their homes or cars at gunpoint, shackle them, and strip search them in broad daylight. Pack them off to Saddam's old prisons marked for further torture and depraved sexual humiliation.

4) Passively watch the city looted of what little of value remains by criminal elements without lifting a trigger-finger.

5) Start loading US oil tankers with Iraqi crude.

6) Send in college kids whose qualifications for rebuilding an entire nation bombed into the stone-age consists of phone banking for the GOP and opposing reproductive rights for women.

7) Here's where the real neocon genius kicks in ... The Iraqis are going to swoon with pro US gratitude. See? The lucky survivors will be so smitten with the American occupiers after this experience that they'll forget decades of dictatorship and propaganda, put aside centuries of ethnic and tribal conflict, and a millennium of hostility and resentment for the west ... and they'll spontaneously rise up, self organize, and peacefully model their government and culture after our own. See?

Voting for this plan was bad enough - but Castle continues to endorse this plan. He has no business representing Delaware in the US Congress.

If every other issue in this race is subservient to the Iraqi war, then vote for Michael Berg. He's the only candidate who is completely opposed to it.
I think you are misreading Spivack if you think he is not completely opposed to the war.
Michael Berg is calling for an end to the war now. Spivack is calling for a gradual drawdown of troops in Iraq (which is what most members of both parties have been calling for) and a specific date of when the US will formally end operations in Iraq (although he has given no hints as to what that date should be). I actually don't see a whole lot of difference between Castle and Spivack on this issue, sorry. If you are vehemenently opposed to the war in Iraq and want it to be resolved NOW, vote for Berg. If you want to pat yourself on the back because you think you're making a difference (but really you're just getting more of the same bullshit), vote for Spivack.
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