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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Sound familiar?

Florida papers ignored Foley emails

"Remember when the press was supposed to act as a check on the abuses of government? Florida papers had copies of the (Foley) emails and IMs over a year ago and refused to run with them." - kos

Yes dear reader, our own local lap dogs have two big stories that they are sitting on. The Tariff Suspension story which implcates both Castle and Carper AND the real story of Castle's health.

Why are they sitting on these stories?
Why is the News Journal stonewalling the facts of these cases?
Is JL Miller simply half-assing it?
Does Patrick Jackson just not give a damn?

I doubt it.

From what I hear, the problem is a bit higher up on the editorial ladder.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Castle has canceled all of his appearances through election day. He is much sicker than anyone is saying and the NJ is playing along. If he gets away with this - our democracy is sicker than he is.

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