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Saturday, October 07, 2006


Shorter Carper: I'm lying.

I just spoke with some NJ readers who never read blogs and for them the "earmarks for big contributors" story rated a "what's the big deal?"

Well - that reaction was what Doug Williams and Jennifer Brooks were going for, so well done!

It seems that the "so what?" attitude was based largely on this quote from Carper:

"This is about keeping jobs in Delaware, not shipping them overseas," Carper said in a statement. "We don't want outdated, punitive tariffs to make it so expensive for Delaware companies to do business here that they decide to ship operations to foreign countries."

The problem with the quote and the reason it is so effective is diffusing the scandal is that it is a brazen lie.

Carper's tax cuts are in some ways even worse than Castle's They are for finished manufactured goods that do not create jobs in the United States but lead directly to manufacturers fleeing this country. Why would any manufacturer stay in the United States when they can make finished goods off-shore AND not pay taxes?

Somehow I missed the press conference when Carper announced all of this great work he is doing. He is such a humble shrinking violet that I guess blowing his own horn just slipped his mind.
DE Today has a spread of his new national park proposals...he trots out DLC favorite Jim Soles as the genious behind this effort.

I just would like to ask is the national park gonna fit in next to the town homes and casino that the city has planned for the historic 7th Street Penninsula..
If Carper had anything on the ball for the citizens of this state, he would get busy with suppressing this horrid plan to develop the 7th St. Penninsula....there are plenty of other places in the city to gear up for gentrification profiteers.
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