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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Ryan "yet to enlist" Silberstein covers the teach in at U of D

In attendence were assorted faculty members, students, and local Newark moonbats, or "peaceniks," as they liked to be called. More than one person reminisced about the days of protesting Vietnam during the Q&A period. Lots of Marixism all around. More on that later. - Ryan

This statement sums up Ryan's dismisive take ont he whole thing. Ryan has often expressed his fondess for this war and his irritation at leftists media types and academics trying to ruin his good fun by playing the facts card all the time. All in all Ryan's major concern is that people who oppose the war are kind of full of themselves. In Ryan's little peanut brain this thought is playing on an endless loop: "Moonbats think the war is bad, SO the war must be good."

Well Mike M calls him out in the comments.

It seems the only thing good to come out of the war were the million-dollar contracts for multinational corporations like Halliburton et. al. It's war-profiteering all the way, and if that term "offends" you, then I suggest you dissect it. "War profiteering."

Ryan, face it. Though those moonbats are certainly annoying, the major gist of their arguments (minus the ridiculous anti-Israel dreck) are correct. Iraq is a hellhole now. You know it. And you'd just be acting a blind Sean Hannity-lite cheerleading for this pathetic administration if you don't come out and admit it.

Ryan' response to that.....

(the sound of crickets chirping in the distance)

Jason, have you joined the peace corps yet?
Jase: You obviously didn't read the same Ryan post as I did. Especially this line: There are plenty of rational arguments that can be made opposing the war, on both sides of the ideological spectrum. None of them were on display tonight.

And the "yet to enlist" mantra is incredibly tiresome. If Ryan can't be permitted to express his [pro] view on the war, then you cannot on matters for which you're not making what [whomever] deems an "appropriate" sacrifice.
Tiresome is my middle name.

Ryan is guilty of the worst kind of hypocrisy. He is the kind of hypocrite who urges others to fight for him. As I recall Dante placed the Ryan's of the world just one ring above Judas in hell.
Even though everyone one is entitled to their argument, I don't think questioning someone's intelligence and using the Dante's analogy will get you any traction in terms of your arugment.
Sorry, Jase, but people who sign up for the armed forces since the end of 'Nam do so completely of their own free will. They know what could happen when they sign up, like going to war. If this possibility is unappealing, one should not sign up. It's quite simple.

Just remember though, since Ryan isn't allow to discuss the war (or any war) without "signing up," then unless you're willing to make certain sacrifices for things you believe in, you've no room to talk. Like, for instance, why do you drive a car that uses gasoline? Where's your electric car?

What's that? What's your excuse? Huh?
What Mike fails to understand (and clearly you don't either Jason), is that you can't separate legitimate concerns with the war from "the ridiculous anti-Israel dreck". If you were able to do that, then you be able to support a guy like Joe Leiberman, who has sided with the President one all of one issue, by seperating that issue from his overwhelmingly liberal politics.
Jason, can I use "guilty of the worst kind of hypocrisy." as a testimony on my sidebar? Or would that placate your apparently malnourished ego too much?
How many push up are you up to?
Jason, since you claim to support the invasion of Afghanastan and the hunt for BinLadin... why haven't you enlisted?
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