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Monday, October 02, 2006


Running out the clock in bed

In the most cynical political move of the year Castle has decided to ride his lead out in bed and hope nobody mentions his many votes in lockstep with George Bush or his age related health problems.

I took some grief for posting the above picture, but Castle was intubated, on a ventilator, and close to death. And yet, the News Journal is simply working to help Castle run out the clock by not reporting the full story. I wonder how many days after the elections we'll have to wait for for "oops - turned out he was really ill" story.

Castle was intubated.

Prove it. Tell us the name of the doctor or medical professional that leaked this highly private information to you. That way, Castle can retire off the hospital's money, and Spivack can fight it out with Berg and Nagle for the seat. It will still be a tough fight, but he would have a chance.
NJ had a nice picture of Castle shaking hands today on the front page. You had to read the tiny caption to know it was a month old.
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