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Monday, October 16, 2006


Rumor Watch: Castle to caucus with Dems if returned to congress

I think this is absurd, but it seems that the "I can walk and chew gum" show and Castle's new round of radio ads have added tinder to rumors that Castle is going to jump the RNC ship if he gets sent back to DC. The rumors are based on the confluence of these streams:

- the R's will be in the minority in the new congress,
- Castle's general disgust for the way the GOP is being run, and
- Castle's claims to have “broken down party-barriers in Delaware".

While I think he has a legitimate grievances against the horrible local and national GOP, it is not as if he has not had plenty of opportunity to express his discontent. Why the prolonged silence and then suddenly use the nuclear option? That does not add up.

So what is going on? It may be simple wishfull thinking on the part of some D's. As good as Dennis Spivack has been recently, Castle is still a prohibitive favorite so some Dems might be dreaming for some deus ex machina.

Or Castle might be on the cusp of a realization. The polling was all done prior to the stroke. Post stroke, having been asked direct questions about his tariff subsidy rackett and with many voters RIGHFULLY associating him with President Bush, he must feel that the tide is running against him. Maybe Castle himself is using these rumors as a ploy to put out some fires and push the fantasy that he opposes George Bush.

I'm not sure. But either way two things are certain. 1) Castle is no Democrat. 2) Any Democrat or liberal independent that votes for Castle (based on these rumors or Castle's claims to be a maverick) is a fool.

The new radio spots do make it sound like he is running as a Democrat. If Delaware voters are stupid enough to fall for that they will be getting the representation they deserve.

By the way, did you hear that they are going to announce the Saddam Hussein verdict on November 5th?

I cracked up when I heard that. Rove is still trying to stage-manage this debacle.
I laughed at that too. Maybe Bush will save a girl from a well on the 6th.

As for Castle, he is trying to run as a kind of Buddha who has risen above politics. What a joke.
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