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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Ron Williams turns out the lights on Ferris

I'm on record saying that I don't think the AG should be elected, so I've steered clear of the Biden/Wharton battle royal for the most most part.

However, three items this morning signal the end of Ferris as a politician.

1) The WDEL news sound clip of Biden saying "You're a real gentleman Mr. Wharton...I'm glad your true colors are coming out."

2) The Biden radio ad which end with ..."we are going to fight your mud slinging with a political strategy that you might find shocking...THE TRUTH"

3)Ron Williams' obituary for Wharton's campaign. "We've been lectured by Wharton to the point of nausea..."

It is a devastating combination that must have little cartoon birds circling Wharton's head about now.

The Bottom Line:When Ferris recovers from his foray into politics and takes stock of his career, I'm utterly certain that he will view getting involved with Dave Crossan as the single worst mistake he ever made.

Your take is interesting to Donviti, who seems sold on Wharton. Not sure if you read that post yet.
Biden is a pussy. I kinda-sorta agree with you re: the AG race shouldn't be elected. That being said, if it wasn't an elected position and you were presented with the TWO resumes, would you be more concerned with "vision" or actual experience? You'd be a fool to hire Beau Biden because that's not how job hirings work.

Ferris is the better candidate in every...single...way. Beau Biden is glossy window dressing merely waiting in line for his father to retire or seek higher office. It's like the Biden destiny feels owed something for nearly two generations of service and payback will be Beau Biden's election to US Senate.
I've hired some people on resume strength and sometimes it is not the best predictor of future success. It depends on job. I think Williams does a fair job pointing that out.
I've hired some people on resume strength and sometimes it is not the best predictor of future success. It depends on job. I think Williams does a fair job pointing that out.
Regarding Joe Jr.s comment about Ferris being a gentleman. That hurt soundbyte came both before and after Joe Jr. was attacking Ferris' record. Give me a break, does Joe Jr. think we can't remember what people said 30 seconds before?

Jason, while I can relate to your resume strength point, but it falls apart if you have someone who is vastly qualified for the job on one hand, and someone who has a minuscule amount of experience on the other. this case it depends on your last name. Face it, Biden is only as good as his last name. I'm not doubting his strength or his qualities, however, needless to say, if his father weren't Joe Biden, we wouldn't know who the hell he is.
Now I see why I've stayed away from this race.
Wharton really dropped the ball and the fault belongs to idiots like Crossan who have no clue how to manage or win a race. Wharton was so off guard and weak, as if his handlers in the GOP told him not to worry and that Biden is not to be taken seriously.

If Ferris loses it falls squarely on Crossan's desk and on Strine's manicured Pennsylvania lawn. Crossan took on the mission of not just being GOP director but also Wharton head campaign hack. A Wharton loss without Strine and Crossan's immediate ouster will be proof positive that the GOP is finished in Delaware and will never get it.
Dont agree with you too often but Crossan and Strine have driven this campaign into the ground at full speed.
I've followed the controversy between this experience and vision thing.

This is why we have elections: you have two choices and the voters need to decide. Do we want to go vision, do we want to go experience.

As for experience, I'm sure all of you remember Bush in 2000 primaries, saying "i'm experienced" "I've been a governor,I have experience"

So experience is not a guarantee of competent leadership. If one had looked beneath Bush's words and looked into his character and who his "friends" and supporter's were, you would not have been surprised by his actions.

So we look at Ferris's character and see negativity and bitterness, and then look at his supporters and see the Republican negative machine.

Experience doesn't look so good any more.
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