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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


REMEMBER: Bring a Pen AND Pencil to the voting booth

(Bring the pencil as a back-up.)

There is no Green Party protest candidate in the race for US Senate for liberals to vote for. There is no Democrat for that matter. Ting would be terrible. So if you love America the constitution and hate the representation that Tom Carper is providing us in the US Senate write in Karen Peterson.

While Carper tries to pass off his pansy-ass kowtowing to George Bush as "bipartisan" virtue - pissing on the Constitution is not virtuous. Throwing our civil liberties under the bus should not be rewarded with votes. Thanks to Tom Carper nothing would prevent George Bush from locking me up for blogging and nothing would prevent him from locking you up for agreeing with me. Tom Carper voted to give George Bush a blank check. GEORGE BUSH!!!??? Just think about how f'ed up that is for a second.

WRITE IN KAREN PETERSON IF YOU ARE SICK OF CARPER...but do this first. Vote for Karen Petersen as a write in candidate here. I'd like to get 500 - 700 votes in order to send Carper a strong message. So vote here and send a link to this post to your buddies. I'll keep this poll up top and by election day we should have a good idea of how many people out there have had it with "Torture" Tom Carper.

I bluster this point often when this topic comes up, but it is a rule and I hate to see your effort wasted. It's not so much your cause as it is rocking the hell out of the boat that I like.

My point: Be sure that everyone who does this spells her name exactly the same. DOE will NOT count votes as the same person based on intent (some include a middle initial, others don't, for example). They count them literally (a middle initial included is a different vote from a middle initial omitted).
Thanks. I was going to urge people to write in Bhārat Gaṇarājya but settled on Karen Peterson.
Can you pronounce that, please?

I was thinking of KHN, myself.
Can you pronounce that, please?

No. Thats why I passed on Bhārat.
Karen Peterson is a good write in choice as far as simplicity of spelling, at least until the new-aged Karin, Karyn, popular.
I am wrting in this lady for Carper's job.
Below is how the county elections dept knows her,so people might want to stick to this spelling which includes the midle initial

Democratic Party Karen E. Peterson
This will mean a lot to Carper.
Perhaps Jason could flatter himself and ask that folks write in HIS name on the ballot. That would really be cool.
I don't know if it's Comcast or what, but there is no place for me to vote on your blog.

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