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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Ramone's moaning

The much spoken of Sokola mailer that lays out the facts.{The image will be up soon) The facts are plain spoken about what a lazy used car salesman Ramone is, but put the lawsuits in context of this race.

1) He kicked off his campaign with a dirty tricks robo-call straight out of the Rove handbook.

2) He is trying to pass himself off as this great businessman (making his business acumen a public issue) and when he is called on the fact that his business man skills are not what they are cracked up to be - he pretends that it is Sokola who is running a dirty campaign.

Even Celia Cohen calls Ramone out here:

(Sokola's flier) painted Ramone as being on the wrong side of the Court of Chancery, the state's revered business forum, by quoting from an opinion written earlier this year by Vice Chancellor Leo E. Strine Jr., calling Ramone's business practices "leisurely and erratic" and "lackadaisical."

Believe it or not, Strine's words come from a case that Ramone won. Ramone went to court when a gentleman's agreement he had to run a swimming program in Newark unraveled, and he argued it would be unfair if the pool were leased to his principal competitor. Strine sided with Ramone but only after noting his laid-back approach contributed to the deal's collapse.

The Bottom Line: Ramone has a "do as I say, not as I MOAN" approach to business and politics. He moans about frivolous lawsuits but that does not keep him from FILING THEM. He jumps in the gutter to attack Sokola and then moans about "attack ads".

What Strine meant was that Ramone shouldn't have been as trusting of his friend and should have had a more concrete agreement. Hardly a character indictment.

Face it, Jason. It's over. Sokola is going home.
.{The image will be up soon)

Day 7, still waiting for the facts.........
Oh crap, Jason. This is so far down on your page now, people probably won't see it. What happened to the image of the mailer that you had here when you first posted? Didn't you want people to see that great line from the mailer: " NO on Ramone for State Representative..." This is one time that I think I will side with you. Ramone will NOT make it in 06 as State Representative! Good sleuthing!
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