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Friday, October 27, 2006


Progressive Democrats for Delware Leading on FOIA

UPDATE: I think I just heard someone saying that the Republicans will caucus in the bathroon if this FOIA thing takes effect. So the five point plan is only an hour old and they are already looking for loopholes. Great.

The DE GOP is high fiving itself right now, but even as they bask in the glow of putting on some good theater, Nancy Willing reports that: "Karen Peterson is on the radio right now to get (Still & Feroce), on record to whether or not they will support a bill not just sign a petition and take it out of committee. [Cloutier worked to kill the bill by not petitioning it out of committee.]

She is making the point that she has repeatedly brought up the same issues and that these people were no where at all in support unitl now just up to election.

For the Record:

As a member of a fiesty upstart group called Progressive Democrats for Delaware I have to say it is nice to see our proposals for improving our state government being picked up and discussed by a wider audience. Here is a portion of our cadidate endorsement survey:

Please respond to the appropriate sections of this survey by circling the number that corresponds to your position. The 5-point scale is:

1 – strongly agree
2 – agree
3 – neutral
4 – disagree
5 – strongly disagree
Space is provided for comments at the end.

SECTION THREE – to be answered by candidates for STATE OFFICES only – General Assembly, Attorney General, Treasurer, and Auditor:

1. The State should re-regulate electric and gas utilities.

2. The Freedom of Information Act should apply to the General Assembly.

If the DE GOP wants other documents from the PDD to turn into party platform planks - I'd be happy to provide them.

You are dying to steal some of our thunder. Lots of people talk about it. these guys are DOING it. Karen Peterson's in there, too.

But this is a unit, EVERY Republican, saying if you want open government, vote Republican.

Democrats can not say the same thing.
Cloutier is the Chauncey Gardner of Delaware politics. She is for "open government" the same way five year olds are "for" ice cream.

"Cathy, want some open goverment?"


It was a key issue for Morrison from day one.
don't forget to mention that they are meeting at the Iron Hill Nov 8th at 7pm.

At least that is what Erik said...
" Progressive Democrats for Delware Leading on FOIA"

Just so you know, it's Delwur, not Delware.
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