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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


President Nixon Bush has a secret plan for victory in Vietnam Iraq

At last...the Vietnam/Iraq parallels are complete

Bush Has A Plan For Iraq, But "He'’s Not Going To Tell Everyone In The World"

Yesterday in a debate against Senate Democratic candidate Jon Tester, Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) took offense at the suggestion that President Bush has no real plan for victory in Iraq. Burns stated, "“He [Tester] says our president don'’t have a plan. I think he's got one. He's not going to tell everyone in the world." Burns added that Tester, in specific, was not allowed to know the path forward in Iraq because "you'’re just going to go out and blow it."

This is why Michael Castle is not talking about Iraq. He is helping keep Bush's plan for victory a secret. I wish we would just bomb Cambodia Iran and call it a day.

No, the parallels won't be complete until the GOP blames liberals for the failure in Iraq.
is this like the two GOP members of the Foreign Relations committee whom Biden claimed did not agree on the Bush policy in Iraq but that they refused to revel themseslves until after the election...
C'mon Novermber 7th...get here quickly.
It all makes sense now. Thank you, Senator Burns.

I'm now going to nip off and get a brain enema.
carefull what you wish for...
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