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Saturday, October 14, 2006


Patrick Jackson adds a paragraph for the print edition

Castle's walking and chewing gum routine has wowed the press and delawareliberal trolls alike. See Mike Matthews for the unvarnished truth. Castle is slick, slick, slick. Although to be fair, if you or I have been practicing how to not answwer questions since 1966 - we'd be slick too.

As for Jackson:

Castle's neurologist, Dr. Lanny Edelsohn, said he thinks debates would add unneeded stress at this stage in Castle's recovery. "They can be intense and raise the blood pressure," he said. "That's not something he needs at this point."
[Translation: Talking about his shitty voting record would be bad for his health and bad for his campaign.]

Spivack said he would be willing to adjust formats or shorten forums to accommodate Castle's recovery while giving voters a chance to hear them debate. "I am very willing to make adjustments," Spivack said. "I'd rather see him skip some appearances that might sap his strength so he could come out and debate the issues."
[Translation: Not so fast Slick. I know that you'd rather stick you head into the Applescrapple Festival and give an imperial wave to the crowd - but this is a Democracy, at least for the time being.]

Cohen reports that Castle hung out at the Vic Mead OPPS Biderman event for almost an hour and drank a beer.....if he is too sick to debate for god's sake then why is he drinking alcohol?
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