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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Pat Morrison Kicks Ass

If Pat Morrison beats Couliter at the polls (5th Senate District) as badly as she beats her in this NJ profile it will be the most one sided upset in the history of Delaware.

Morrison: "Society runs smoother when families run well...Poltics is part of that. It is really inseparable what happens between laws ands policies, decision about education, health care. Raising the next generation is poltical."

Cloutier: "I'm able to get things done and work on both sides of the ailse."

Get what things done?

"Cloutier said she voted for the (energy) deregulation bill after just a few weeks in office in 1999." Ooopsie!

"Morrison said the recent dregulation of energy prices hit middle class families especially hard."

Bottom Line: Cloutier inherited her seat and has done nothing to earn it. She seems to be phoning in this campaign in the same way she is phoning it in for her district in Dover. Pat Morrison is going to make a great addition to the state senate.

Cloutier single handedly allowed HB99 aka HB36 to die by not keeping her committment to petition the bill to the floor.

Cloutier also stopped legislation from getting it to the floor regarding to energy bills in the last session....after she said she wouldn't.

What Cloutier is good at is changing her mind mid stream with no explanation.....of course, we don't need an explanation...she caved in to the senate leadership because she feared being taken off of prestigious committee asignments.

It's time to retire Cloutier from public service....
Cloutier single handedly allowed HB99 aka HB36 to die by not keeping her committment to petition the bill to the floor.

As much as Vaughn gets his ass kicked over stuff like this - Cloutier seems to get a free pass.
I have followed Cathy's record because of living in her district. Yes, she is a nice person, and I think that is how she has everyone fooled that she is doing a good job. She agrees with whomever she is talking to.

Recently, she came out to amend the Coastal Zone Act to allow for an ethanol plant in her district. Does that show good judgment?

The bottom line is that Democrats should think very hard before voting for her over Pat Morrison. When push comes to shove, Cathy will go along with the Republican caucus, and Pat Morrison will support all the Democratic isues important to the middle-class and poor.
Raising the next generation is poltical."

In other words, 'It takes a village.' No thanks. I'd rather my wife and I raise our kids without any 'help' from the state.

Morrison said the recent dregulation of energy prices hit middle class families especially hard."

Ahhhh, good ol' class warfare. Is that on page 2 or 3 of the "progressive" campaign handbook?

Cloutier inherited her seat and has done nothing to earn it.

Not true. She "inherited" a House seat in 1997. She then won re-election in 1998. She won the Senate seat in 2000 in a competitive contest. I know you and the facts aren't exactly close, but come on. Try a little.

What the heck. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. I know what Buffalo can do to a guy.
Edited. Everything else stands esp. the part about Morrison being a great additon to the State Senate.
The class war is over, and we won. The government exists only to siphon tax dollars from the working class and give it to war profiters. Just keep sending your children off to die in our meaningless wars, but be sure keep a few home to pay off the debt that you owe us for running that war. No health insurance, you complain? Tough - join the army or live in the street. And shut up. If you don't like it, we'll just throw you into our corporate prison system (thank you very much) without charges, lawyers, or a trial. And we'll torture you to boot.
Is that Pat Morrison's platform, anon?
Pat's platform certainly includes working for families, but she's much more than that. Pat has integrity and values that will stand up in the vortex that is our legislature. She will not be cowed by The Big Heads. (Everytime I see that I have to laugh.) Pat has the courage to represent what's right and just for her constituents. Her opponent blows in the wind, always taking the path of least resistance. Pat will be a great addition to the Delaware Senate. Ya want change in Dover? Ya gotta vote for it.
That entire paragraph says exactly nothing.

"working for families"
"integrity and values"
"She will not be cowed"
"courage to represent what's right"

Please. If I want refined sugar, I'll go eat a donut.

Is that all you've got? I hope for her sake that Pat has more.
"I hope for her sake that Pat has more."

All she needs is enough to beat Cloutier. And she's got that already!

So long, Cathy.
We'll see.
In all my years of candidate watching I don't think I have ever heard a more lame excuse than I voted for it(energy bill) because I was just elected a few weeks ago. Between that kind of thinking and her later vote to reject the minimum wage increase we have a clear picture of Cloutier effectiveness.
I'm always amazed by Republican "Values Voters." When we talk about values like integrity, courage, and justice they scoff about the sugar
the coating. I guess their definition of values is limited to what it costs to by a legislator and whether they are getting value for money.
After reading Morrison's campaign announcement on her website I can say I will definetly not be voting for her. She sounds like a freakin' communist!

Who in Brandywine Hundred is making minimum wage and living at a poverty level? Maybe your fellow hippies at the Guild or The Birth Center, but not in the rest of the district.

Please keep your socialism in Arden.
Anon 5:21

#1 - I wouldn't call myself a 'values voter.' My main concerns are taxes and spending and the overall size of government, followed by growth and the environment and then social issues.

#2 - It's not what was said, it's that nothing was said at all. Talk about courage or integrity inside the framework of an issue, and that's a different story. But platitudes and fluff on their own say nothing.

Man, you Cloutier folk are diggin' deep. What next? She's a witch! She consorts with bealzabub.
touchy touchy GOP
Jason, you are not doing drugs or something are you? Cloutier wins by 10
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