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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The "party of personal responsibility" where art thou?

The DE GOP has become the party of "it is not my fault".

I’ve missed some meetings this fall because my wife is recuperating from surgery and was in bed for a while. Many nights have been spent helping my four kids with home work during some of the civic association meetings that Coluntouno attended. - Wayne Smith on not debating Carl Coluntouno

"Cloutier said she voted for the (energy) deregulation bill after just a few weeks in office in 1999." - The News Journal on why Cathy Cloutier voted FOR energy deregulation.

"I'm leaning toward the surgery...Im not up to a full campaign schedule yet." - Michael Castle explaining why he can't debate Dennis Spivack

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Put other recent instances of Republican excuse making in the comments.
They need to read this:

UPDATE:This Thursday at the Wilmington Rotary club (Hotel DuPont) U.S. Rep. Mike Castle, R-Del., will emerge from his post-stroke recuperation Thursday to take part in his first debate of the campaign season, it was announced today. - Patrick Jackson The News Journal

The fact that you want to see Spivack debate anyone is hilarious!
I still have about a dozen questions Castle has ducked for 8 months. I'm sure Spivack has a few.
Let me see....a guy cares for his family and wife during surgery and a guy has health issues and you question their personal responsibility???????!!!!! Little disconnect here....come back to orbit!
Smith has more ducks than Lums pond. Castle has more dodges than I.G Burton. Why can't Castle return my calls and multiple emails? Too sick? Riiiiiight. Why can't Wenk?

Why can't Smith make up for lost time in th next 14 days?

One sentence explains everything. Their records are indefensible.
I think you forgot a couple of personal responsibility quotes:

"I'm a bitch." --Dennis Spivack on why he wouldn't debate Karen Hartley Nagle in the Democratic Primaries.

"I hate democracy." --Dennis Spivack on why he doesn't want to debate Michael Berg and Karen Hartley Nagle in the general election.
can we get in to see this debate??????
"Why can't Castle return my calls and multiple emails? Too sick? Riiiiiight. Why can't Wenk?"

Perhaps the creepiest statement you've ever made. I know, I know, you're a constituent. You're also batshit insane.
Clever. You should lend that wit to the service of the country rather than the service of one woman's vanity.

Remember, Castle is the bad guy. 14 days to go. Stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize. Do the right thing and I'll be a big booster of KHN next time provided she wins a primary.
You're also batshit insane.

Send me your email and I'll send you the emails. If you still think the questions are insane then - I'll stop.

In the meantime you are going to have to come up with some better put downs.
Yes, Jason. Having a wife recuperate from surgery and tending to four kids while she is doing so is NOT a legitimate reason for missing a few functions.

You are a complete and utter putz. But, we all knew that already.

(BTW, you also missed the part where Smith said he'd debate Colantuono "anytime, anywhere, any place.")
I wonder if you put it to the public: Which would they say is more virtuous -- tending to your wife and children, or skipping out on them to tend to your political career?
Please Hube. If it is "anytime, anyplace" why can't Smith get it together to get on stage with Coluntouno? What is the hold up?
Dude, are you being totally obtuse on purpose? Have they scheduled a debate? If so, when? Where? Can you read? C'mon, use both hemispheres of your brain, if that's what you call it.

And answer my question as to which is more virtuous.
question: are the debates on Thursday between Spivak and McCastle for the public?
question #2 - in regards of question above, will this be shown on WHYY?
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