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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Other Spivack/Castle Debate Reports

"This (the war in Iraq) is a mistake, Mike. Take a position. Tell the president this is wrong. Stand up. Do something," Spivack said.

Castle admits the handling of the war's aftermath has not been good, but he's still against cutting and running. (snip) Castle's team hasn't committed to future debates yet, but at least two are pending: the first will be Friday at 7PM on PBS's WHYY and the the other next Wednesday on WDEL. - WMDT

Patrick Jackson at the News Journal asks Wenk about why Castle pulled out of the WHYY debate: “We’ve said all along that debate scheduling is a day-to-day matter,” Wenk said.”Congressman Castle has done two debates in two days and we’re still trying to keep him on a limited schedule and give him some downtime.”

Translation: Standing up and not really answering questions for an hour is hard work. We are having our ass handed to us and need a break.

The more one hears of Castle, the better Spivak looks.

Delaware sends only one congressman to Washington. Let's send our best....

(Where have we heard that before?)

The best is not Castle. We not only need stem cell research, we need to afford the treatments that stem cell research will provide.

No Republican will vote for THAT....;
it would piss off their prime contributors.
Gee, maybe if Spivack had another year in which to campaign, he might have a chance....
Delaware sends only one congressman to Washington. Let's send our best....

When I hear that I wonder "send our best what? George Bush ass kisser?"
Translation: Spivak might break 30%
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