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Friday, October 06, 2006


One year later, I STILL hate Frightland

Some people love frightland. For the record, I still hate it. I wrote this last year, and I agree with myself 100%.

People who are wrecking Delaware: Every Frightland Owner & Patron

This annual horror-porn extravaganza pretends to be a charitable organization by throwing a few peanuts each year to some cancer charity. What a joke. To people who say I have no Halloween spirit, I say "How would you like a strip club/crack house/toxic waste dump opening up in your backyard every year. 10/06/05

If anyone running for office wants my enternal devotion - just come out strong against Frightland.

I am speechless
You missed me today, didn't you? Was this your calling card to me?
Such evil vendettas.

The Haunted Spivak Congressional Hayride Tour was certainly full of fright!

Keep going, one day, you just may save the earth for us all.

So, do you live at the Ches Del or in the row of trees next to Frightland? Those are the only next-door neighbors I can think of.

Other than the fools who can't imagine their children's horror (quick, cue Maude Flanders: "Somebody, think of the children!!!"), I have never seen someone hate that place so much. What is it? What happened that you put so deep down in your soul that makes you want to hate them so much?

BTW, when I saw Walker's sign go up on their corner, I immediately thought of you. HA!
The row of trees.
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