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Friday, October 20, 2006


OMG the New Journal printed my letter !

A vote for Rep. Mike Castle is a vote for George Bush

So many of Delaware's Democrats, Independents and Republicans are outraged by George Bush's reckless and un-American approach to his duties that they are asking, "What more can I do to send a clear message to this out of touch president?"

The answer is simple. Vote against George Bush by voting for Dennis Spivack for Congress. Rep. Michael Castle likes to portray himself as a moderate. However, now he refuses to debate Dennis Spivack and is running away from his record.

While he was elected for his moderate views, in the past six years Rep. Castle has become a dependable rubber stamp for George Bush. He voted with the President's less than half-baked plans for invading Iraq.

In spite of this record, Rep. Castle could still win in November. However, by voting against Michael Castle and for his Democratic opponent Dennis Spivack, we might make Mr. Castle less likely to blindly follow his party at the expense of his constituents here in Delaware.

Jason Scott, Middletown

There is another good letter in as well.

A vote for Spivack is a vote for a balanced democracy

This midterm election is possibly one of the most important elections I have ever had the privilege to take part in. Democrats have the opportunity this year to break a troubling cycle where all three branches of our government are controlled by a single party. That is not the way to have a democracy.

My vote for the U.S. Congress this year isn't about Mike Castle's recent health problems or his so-called moderate voting record in Congress.

My vote is for the balance and change that is desperately needed to put our country back on track. I hope the Democrats are energized to get out this year and vote in record numbers to support Dennis Spivack for Congress.

Victoria Bandy, Wilmington

Thanks News Journal. I will now renew my sunscription.

And that page will stay on the top of my newspaper pile, waiting for the first fire I light in my fireplace this year. I'll be sure to send you an invite, too.
No puppy to house train?
No, but I was thinking of buying a bird tomorrow.

I like the burning approach better, nothing left, all diseases eliminated.
A bonfire at frightland?
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