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Friday, October 27, 2006


The NJ Endorsment of Castle

Shorter Doug Williams:

The rest of the country is going to do our work for us and elect Democrats to congress who will provide some oversight for this out of control moron of a President - so vote for Castle.

Even Shorter Doug Willams:

I am an idiot and a Castle shill.

Even though the Castle endorsement was inevitable, reading between the lines is obvious the NJ is responding to criticisms coming from YOU at DelawareLiberal, as well as the Spivack campaign.

Well done, Jason... you left a mark. Even though Castle will win this time, your contribution has already reshaped the debate for the next House race and other races as well.
Hear hear!
I don't deserve credit for anything. The blog is just a visible manifestation of the liberal/progressive movement that is changing politics in Delaware and the country.
Another reminder why I don't subscribe to the NJ!
FYI -- I don't think Doug Williams has anything to do with the endorsements.
I use the term "Doug Williams" as a generic term to refer to "any lame brain dumbass who works at the NJ".

It is a kind of short hand.
Someone in recent memory quoted Harry Truman as saying "You cannot get all your news from one newspaper."

Unfortunately our state has one real newspaper. In the last sixteen elections I have always predicted who the Journal would endorse by noticing who pays the most for adds in the paper.

I joked about it at first, but after tracking it, over time it added up. If I were a businessman, I would do the same; it makes such sense.

Once you realise this, the News Journal's endorsements don't matter.
So what, if the endorsement was bought, big deal; just like the glossy brochure I just threw in the trash.

What matters is that people who take the time to ask questions of say Mike Castle and his staff, then publish those on their sites for all to see.

With nothing to gain.

That I can trust.
The News Journal is owned by Gannet. Like Clear Channel they have a conservative backer. Doug Williams had no choice but to endorse Castle.

What seems like a backflip, is really nothing but corporate putting their foot down. They said "back Castle."

No surprise to anyone.

Does anyone out there take them seriously?
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