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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Nixon continues to impress.

Now that is something I never thought I would type.

Check out this comcast clip.

"I want Delaware to be the first energy independent state in the union." - Tyler Nixon

It is a great and achievable goal with an incredible number of downstream economic, environmental and social benefits. In 30 or so days, voters in the first senate district have a real chance to do something good in for this state.

Here is another guy we the voters should support. He has ideas and appears to have thought out some solutions that would help Delaware.

Harris McDowell should be voted out of office. He has bribed and connived his way through for 30 years. Rumor has it that he lives in Middletown but uses the Baynard Blvd address at election time.

Harris has never been on the side of the citizens, but has served "big business well". He refuses to listen to his constituents, standing with Delmarva Power and Light deregulation, would like incinerators in Delaware to solve our trash problems.

Charles Potter, Jr would have made a powerful Senator for the citizens. I do believe Charles will be back.

In the meantime...there is Tyler Nixon. His views tell me he should have been a democrat...but there must be other reasons he sees himself republican.

We have another chance to get Harris out of our Legislature for for Tyler Nixon and if goes to Dover and acts like the right wing against the people...we can vote him out in 4 years and give Potter another shot.
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