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Saturday, October 21, 2006


New Democrats + Reagan Democrats come home = big gains for the public interest

A (Pre)Post Mortem on this election.

Reagan Democrats are coming home and that has put many races in play here in Delaware that nobody was talking about two months ago.

Frank Luntz, a Republican pollster and one of the strategists behind the party’s 1994 takeover of Congress, told The Times: "The Santorum race shows that Reagan Democrats are returning to their roots. Economic issues among blue-collar social conservatives are now subsuming concerns about social issues".

Yes, that is bad news for Santorum, but it is also bad news for Wayne Smth, Stephanie Ulbrich, Donald Blakey, Nick Manolakos, Bobby Outten, Robert Valihura, Dick Cathcart and Cathy Cloutier all of whom (except for Manolakos) are running in Democratic districtsts. Many of these so called "shoe-ins" are not used to having to defend their seats and are now struggling.

They are struggling because Democratic voters have woken up and because they are up against a new wave of Democratic challengers like Rebecca Walker, Pat Morrison, Mike Barbieri, John Kowalko and Richard Korn who have not risen through the party system, but are challengingng the "overly cautious" and "too cozy with corporate interests" Democrat party of the past. That party is personified by the likes of Dixiecrat Jim Vaughn and Bob Gilligan who wept when the corrupt-looking Roger Roy retired.

The old Democratic Party worked hand in glove with the Republicans and the public interest came in a distant third. The party called the shots and said who could run for what office and when they could do it. "Don't rock the boat" or "wait your turn" might have been the old democratic motto. The Democratic Party that we are seeing being born in the election has a very different sensibility.

New Democrats might not win each of the races mentioned above, but these challengers have rewritten the rules of engagement. They are the future leaders of a Democratic party that will not be content to play the role of "the other insider party". The "bipartisanship above all" of Tom Carper is being replaced by "the public interest above all" exemplified by Korn and Morrison and not a moment too soon.

I'll give you this. Nobody tries as hard as you. If only you could vote about 50,000 times and in about seven RD's, maybe some of this would actually happen.
Former New Castle County Republican chairman Dave Jones took extreme umbrage with my comment that Sen. Cathy Cloutier might have trouble running for the first time in her newly drawn 5th District.

He predicts Cloutier will "annihilate" opponent Patricia Morrison because of Cloutier's community work in Claymont and her veteran campaign team. - Ron Williams

Shorter Williams: Everything is fine. Nothng to see here. Move along now, move along.

We'll see.

BTW - Did someone leak our 2006 strategic plan to you?
"65,000 Jasons in 9 RD's" sounds pretty close to what you came up with.

I think we have a mole.
I meant 2008 strategic plan. You guys are in trouble.
Of course. You don't think Newbie came up with that Jason-robot idea on his own, do you?
"Did someone leak our 2006 strategic plan to you?
"65,000 Jasons in 9 RD's" sounds pretty close to what you came up with.

I think we have a mole. "

so the Dem stratagy for 08 is the same as every election VOTE FRAUD.
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