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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


My email to Doug Williams RE: Castle illness coverage

Doug -

It seems that the "Extent of Castle's Castle's Illness Covered up by Local Media" story may be getting ready to go national. Since you are now a part of the story I need to ask you a couple of questions on the record.

1) Has anyone at the News Journal spoken with Michael Castle since the september 30th conference call?

2) Has any neurologist spoken with any News Journal reporter or editor regarding Michael Castle's condition?

3) Is Michael Castle's cardiologist still his medical spokesman?

4) If so has anyone from Castle's office given any rationale why a Cardiologist is playing this role?

5) Have you met with anyone at Gannett to discuss the News Journal's coverage of this story?

6) Is it the News Journal's editorial policy or Gannett's policy to down play the extent of Michael Castle's illness?

I'm not sure exactly when this is going to go national so thanks for getting back to me on this ASAP.

- jason

Update: I just called Wenk with similar questions. With 28 days to go until what is shaping up to be one of the most imprtant mid-term elections of our lifetime, it is naive of Elizabeth Wenk to think that she could run out the clock and keep Castle's condition under wraps. The longer Wenk and Williams try to stonewall this, the more it reeks of a coverup.

The Bottom Line: There are important non-health realted questions that Castle must answer in the next 20 days. If he is not able to answer those questions - he is probably not fit to serve another term in office.

Also need to clarify: Which cardiologist? The campaign contributor from Christiana? or the guy from Johns Hopkins?

And what exactly was it about Castle's condition that required him to go to Johns Hopkins? maybe his HMO required him to get a second opinion?
Yeah...that's it...his HMO is keeping him underwraps too.

Don't give Wenk any ideas!
Has ANYONE other than his Dr's or Jane seen Castle since the 30th?
in an unrelated story, the eagles' best receiver donte stallworth suffered a hamstring injury a week ago and hasn't been practicing recently. eagles' team doctors have reported that stallworth's recovery is coming along nicely and he might be ready to go by this sunday. however, i can tell that this is obviously a cover up and i demand that stallworth come out and run a 40 yard dash in less than 4.3 seconds within the next 24 hours. some so called "medical experts" might say that doing such a stressful activity at this early stage might exacerbate stallworth's injury and unnecessarily prolong the rehab period. however, i say how are we supposed to know that? who are these so called team doctors? and why are we listening to team doctors if its a problem with his hamstring? we should be listening to the opinion of a hamstring doctor. if stallworth does not run the 40 in less than 4.3 he should be cut from the eagles' squad. we don't need him limping around for the rest of the season while the rest of the team is trying to win the superbowl.

Except for the fact that Wenk said there would be a "full scale" press conference this week. And it turned out to be just another lie in a long string of lies regarding Castle's health.
i agree 100%. and if donte stallworth doesnt play this sunday as the team doctors said, that will be another lie in a long line of lies that have come from the eagles' medical staff. "hamstring injury?" im not even convinced that he has a leg anymore. joe blow from numberoneeaglesfan.blogspot reported that they may have had to amputate.
You've taken a leap of faith with regard to Mr. Castle that is impervious to reason or common sense. That's okay it is a free country.

As for me - I need to see him or at least have Patrick Jackson see him.
what? i am using common sense. i mean, im ignoring everything that licensed medical professionals who have been working on the case have said. instead, im listening to bloggers with no expertise and no familiarity with the case who prefer to build on unfounded rumors in lieu of actual knowledge. if thats not reasonable i dont know what is.
If Castle stands up, you will stand down?
Very well put. I hope you don't mind if I use that.
correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Donte Running for a football and not office.

Does he really hold the fate of 800,000 citizens in his hamstring?

would you want Donovan McNabb on the field 3 weeks after a stroke?

Is Donte's salary paid by me?
youre right. that was a bad analogy. donte stallworth's salary isnt paid by eagles' fans who buy tickets and merchandise and provide an audience for the eagles' countless sponsors. donte's salary comes from magic. and so what if his hamstring doesnt heal, eagles fans arent fanatic at all. they could care less about how their teams play. win? lose? whatever. as long as everybody tries hard. youre also right about stallworth being a football player and not a politician. on an unrelated note, i wonder when they teach kids about analogies in school these days. fourth grade? fifth grade? just curious.
Is that you doug?
10, 9, 8, 7....
I feel a little like a proud papa.
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