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Sunday, October 01, 2006


Michael Castle Retirement News

You don't have to read between the lines of this Celia Cohen puff piece to see that Castle is ready to throw in the towel:

Castle acknowledged he has thought about when it would be time to call it a political career. "I think your health and your energy are a factor. If I got reports that there was substantial damage, I probably wouldn't run again," he said.

A stroke is a life-changing event. It had Castle saying to the press on a Saturday morning, "I'm happy to be talking to you."

The Bottom Line:Castle nearly died. Throwing your whole public service career away in a few short years of bending over for George Bush has clearly decimated him. He has been a shell of his former self this whole campaign. But I guess you can't dance with the devil and not have it take a toll. I, for one, hope he pulls the plug sooner rather than later.

Jason. Rethink this.

That picture is an acurate depiction of what Castle looked like.

The truth may not be pretty - but there it is.
I think Jason pulled a funny. And I AM giggling!
Seriously. You call me out for repeating what MIGHT happen IF Vaughn gets sicker, and you have the gall to suggest Castle should "pull the plug?" Can you step back from the keyboard and see the hypocrisy in that?
Jason got offended at your Vaughn comment? Oh my. Jason, I'd say you've got some 'splaining to do. I find both hilarious, though I do believe Vaughn's death is somewhat more pressing, in my opinion. But then again I'm joking.
Can any of us really figure out what is inspiring Jason's latest lunacy this weekend? Maybe the fact that Castle's medical problem hasn't been as much of a Carper/Roth affect as he hoped?

Dude, you are flipped and gone off...way off.

Did you help little old ladies at the corner this weekend, or flip them off for making you think about being charitable?
I did not get offened about Vaughn. I said two months ago that he had a foot in the grave.
I said two months ago that he had a foot in the grave.

...or a foot in frightland if you prefer.
see? that's funny. Do some more and I will welcome you back. For the mean time, wtf did Dave actually do?
Is there evidence that MCastle was on a ventilator? Has anybody confirmed this?
Jason doesn't need to verify anything. He writes about whatever he find repugnant in the world, blames it on Mike Castle, and calls all Republicans "horrible people". I'm beginning to think that he only writes this blog to raise the "crazy bar" so Dennis Spivack will be under it.
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