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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Michael Castle aides facing travel related investigation ?

Will Abramoff Take Another Lawmaker Down -- Soon?
U.S. News and World Report whispers:

The FBI and Justice Department appear to be expanding their probe into the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal in hopes of nabbing another member of Congress and aides, according to sources involved in the case. . . .

"We thought it was wrapping up, but they've indicated that it is really about to expand," said one source involved in the case. "It's not ending anytime soon or even when he goes to jail."

Based on my research Castle's travel appears to be on the level. However, his staff clearly abused house rules and went on lobbyist paid junkets on a regular basis.

If this US News report points to Castle's staff it helps explain why they have decided to hunkered down in the air raid shelter for these past few weeks. If there is anything connecting Abramoff to Castle's staff expect some sudden "I want to spend more time with my family" resignations right after the election.

At his age, Castle probably checked out as a supervisor a year or two ago. With the cat away, the mice went bonkers.
That is how I read it. Of course, they might have stayed just within the lines from a legal perspective - but just because something is legal does not make it right.
Michael Castle aides facing travel related investigation

How is that even remotely a true statement?

I'm confused. Your headline says his aides are facing an investigation, however, in all the links and detail you provide, I can't find anything of the sort. Please help a lost soul...
thank you for providing an example of what libel looks like. it was very helpful.
You are really stretching, here. Did you look at the rest of that database? Staffers from every office on Capitol Hill take sponsored trips to conferences. Actually, employees at law firms, accounting firms, engineering firms, banks, etc.. do the same thing. Perhaps someday even bloggers will be sent to conferences in Puerto Rico.
"Staffers from every office on Capitol Hill take sponsored trips to conferences."

Oh please. The 'getting away with it because you can get awaw with it and that makes it right' argument.

Sorry but some of us expect better than damn expensive tax paid junkets for staffers to promote the boss by proxy.

What's that line : "we only send one - let's send our best".

The rot comes from the top and Castle should be a better guardian of public money.
There's nothing to "get away" with. Legislators need to make informed decisions about the bills that they vote for, that is why they attend various conferences: to discuss various issues and listen to one or more perspectives. If legislators can't attend a conference then they send a representative from their office. There is no "public money" to speak of because these conference trips are almost always sponsored by a private organization. I think that's the issue that Jason took with this in the first place. Jason appears to think that if the National Education Association pays for a legislator or a staffer to attend a conference on public education standards in Miami than that obligates that legislator to vote the way the NEA on any relevant bills.
Well, there are junkets and there are junkets. A legitimate conference doesn't qualify as a junket -- it's work, away from home and family, even if it's held at some glamorous venue. A golf trip to Ireland is a junket.
Mike, he's making it up.

"Michael Castle aides facing travel related investigation"

damn the facts! full speed ahead!
dude, you been sniffing huffington post glue...pull it back a little. I think you are reaching at least in the headline....

If donviti says you're reaching, then...

just, wow.
I've been out and I know this is going to sound like Bullshit - but I made a typo in the headline.

It is fixed now.
Thanks anon....I keep it real man.
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