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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Michael Berg in his own words

AMY GOODMAN [Democracy Now]: So why are you running for Congress?

MICHAEL BERG: Well, I can't do anything about my son's death at this point. Nothing will ever bring him back. But I am running for Congress in the same way that a parent who loses a child in a bicycle accident when they didn'’t have a helmet on, you know, and then they go out on a crusade to try to get everyone to put helmets on their children when they ride their bicycles. It'’s the same thing with me.

This war, this stupid war that was based on lies to begin with, that is going on just for George Bush to save face -- which is backfiring anyhow -- is killing people at the rate of one every three minutes. Someone is having the experience that I had every three minutes. Someone is losing a son, someone is losing a father, someone is losing a loved one every three minutes in Iraq, and I’m running for Congress to stop it.

Michael Berg has a bearing and dignity that cuts through the BS and overheated hyperbole that surounds him. While Karen Hartly Nagel is running to satisfy her vanity - I believe that Berg clearly has the public interest at heart. As I've written previously, I sincerely wish he decided to take a tact that helped undermine the Bush cabal rather than support Bush by fragmenting the opposition.

Screw the greens and all this holier than though BS. They screwed up the 2000 election and we got Bush and they screwed up the 2002 AGs race and we got more of Jane Brady.
Did you know that Michael Berg is on myspace?? Can Castle or Spivak say that? HA!
You have a point about the holier than thou part. Like all absolutists they seem to view any compromise as weakness.

However (when it comes to screwing them) people like Carper have already screwed them. He screwed them right out of the party with his corporatist, right-wing accomodationist politics.

In a very real way it was the DLC that tilted the 2000 election toward Bush. The Greens were just the scapegoats.
I meant to say "He screwed many ofthem right out of the party with his corporatist, right-wing accomodationist politics."

It was not as if a small core of Greens did not already exsist when the DLC began to demolish the Democratic party.
That is the best quote on the war I think I have yet to hear.

one, every three minutes.

That hit home. For that quote alone, I am glad Mr. Berg did run. Others may dance with obscurities, but you can't deny one every three minutes.

The math:(for sanjeen) At 1440 {60 x24} minutes every 24 hours, 3 ppl each minute yields 480 ppl per day. Per year at 365.25 days that yields 175320 dead per year. Over three years, that yields 525,960 dead.

Before I quote this, are combined casualies estimated that high? And who did the estimation? Anybody know?

Thanks again for the "best line of the year."
He is using the recent study that includes the spike in infant mortality rates and the basic lack of health care in Iraq which contributes to "treatable" illnesses going untreated and resulting in death when they shouldn't.

Some find fault with that study but I don't think anyone can deny that we've made the lives of ordinary Iraqis WORSE than it was under Saddam.
That is a pretty bold and ignorant statment. Your opinion officially no longer holds any water.
Lots of people agree with Jason's statement, including me. Before the US invaded Iraq preemptively, for no reason except that the neocons wanted to take control of the Middle East, there was NO violence in Iraq -- repeat, NO violence.

Turn on the TV and see what the US has done for Iraq.
That is a pretty bold and ignorant statment. Your opinion officially no longer holds any water.

(sniff...) I'm so sad. A wing-nut thinks Bush is doing a great job and I'm not.
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