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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Live Blogging Al's show 10/25

10:21 - Done and done.

10:09 - Change the batteries in your smoke detector. Al, gives me an over the air heads-up.

10:00 - Now I'm on hold. I have to call Al out on the non sequitor.

9:54 - Carper ad. (Puke!)

9:46 - (I missed the beginning of this) All the coverage is like sports radio. No substance. It is like talking about the Eagles.' The psivack race is not covered at all. We have a 67 year old man who had a stroke - and nobody is talking about it. His health is off the table. [Al sticks up for Castle] It is only a two year job. I don’t think he should have year convalescence. [I'm loving this guy] Al compares Castle to Strom Thurman. Awesome job Al. This election is a referendum on the Bush presidency. Bush has said so. If the republicans get in. AL - STICKS UP FOR CASTLE AGAIN. aL'S DEFENSE WAS A TOTAL NO-SEQUITOR.

9:43 - Vision 2015 commercial. What is that? I've ignored it. Anyone care to give me three sentences?

9:35 - I've only been doing this for 10 minutes and jeez is it boring. I quit. Oh Al is back. Tort reform. Paul Smith is a talking point machine. Must be all that time in mass repeating the things the Catholics are supposed to repeat on cue.

9:30 - Paul claims lawsuits are driving people out of medical school. News Break. (Melanie Armstrong says Ting hammered Carper in the debate. - clip from Ting hating on the borders. Carper supports line item veto. ZZZzzz...

Iraq timetable and troops speaking out on the war. It is a start. Someone at the beach called Russia.

9:28 - Paul's call. Al's not talking about unions. Al says that the Repubkicans have won over the rank and file. Who is he talking to? All the union guys I know hate Bush and Castle.

9:26 AM - Back to back Wharton/Biden ads. I wonder how much the station makes in extra revenue during election season?

Delaware is ranked #1 among all 50 states for its litigation environment by a tort reform lobbying group:

[the survey explores] how reasonable and fair the tort liability system is perceived to be by U.S. business...The State Liability Systems Ranking Study aims to quantify how corporate attorneys view the state systems. link

Delaware does NOT have a major problem with doctors leaving practice or unable to afford insurance. There were some local problems with downstate OB/GYNs, but those issues were quickly resolved locally WITHOUT attacking the Delaware court system.

The Delaware Senate passed a bill offering subsidized malpractice insurance for those few specialists who were affected. But the bill was killed by insurance and physician lobbyists because it allowed patients to retain their legal rights to recover damages.

Funny thing about Republicans - they think juries always get it right when they convict a criminal. But when it comes to malpractice awards, Republicans think juries just can't be trusted to figure it out!
Vision 2015 is the state's big "new" education initiative. Check out First State Politics -- Dave has a big post about it.
Carper makes me almost physically sick to have to listen to. He is so f'ing smug and removed from anything that matters but his Washington status. Talk about answering nothing and offering nothing but roundabout non answers. Talk about avoiding stating you believe in anything but process politics and status quo defense.

I have to say I could give a shit about Ting but he really gave a strong performance and was a really good contrast to Carper's usual comatose delivery. Nevertheless I am writing in Peterson.

On a more trivial note, did anyone notice Carper sounded like he was smacking on breakfast every time he talked through the debate? Or maybe he was smacking on his gums, since you start losing teeth after throwing up bile on a constant basis. It was REALLY annoying (as if we needed another annoying quirk of this empty suit jackass.)
That is my favorite anti-carper post/comment of the election season.
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