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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Listen up ticket splitters...

...Bill Clinton has some info for you.

Read the transcript of a radio interview that John Watson did with President Clinton back in the day.

Try to get beyond the fact that Watson cuts off the President of the United States (probably to go to a Mattress King commercial) and notice how Clinton nicely lays out the case for voting against so-called moderate Michael Castle.

Bill Clinton didn't seem to mind ticket splitters so much when he got Republicans to vote for him.
Yeah. Well I don't mind Republican ticket splitters so much.
Money quote from the Big Dog:

Well, I mentioned that Castle helped on the crime bill because I think it's important for me not to be as partisan as they have been, and I want to give him credit for that.

But the reason that I'm supporting the Democrats in these races is that even Mike Castle voted against our economic plan. And our economic program for America is working.

Yes, that's right, Mike Castle voted against the policies that created the longest peacetime expansion in US history. He'll do it again too.
What I read was President Clinton complimenting Castle and then later covering his a** by aserting that he supports the Democratic candidate in the Delaware election. That's not a knock on Clinton. As the most prominent Democrat in the country he should be be expected to lend his support to Democratic candidates.
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