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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Kos Diary Fame

I had a brush with fame when my Kos diary was the top story for a few minutes this afternoon. Chris Bowers from MYDD wrote:

If Castle really is incapacitated
Then there will be a special election a little later on. Castle might be the last Republican to win this seat for a long time. If it happens in 2007 rather than 2006, that isn't such a big deal. We run into dangerous ground pushing this now. Maybe I'm saying this because my mother went through somehting similar, but turned out to be OK. I don't know. But I do know that running with a story like this would creep me out.

Here is a link to the diary - it is about the News Journal and how they are not covering an important story. It is not about whether of not Michael Castle can feed himself.

If anyone can tell me why the New Journal is not reporting on Castle's health after reading it I'd be interested in hearing from you.

BTW - We all know that Castle could make all of this talk go away by coming out onto his balcony or meeting with Celia Cohen.

I believe she was very shaken by what she heard (or failed to hear) in that mysterious conference call and I would still love to know who at the NJ was on the line.
I believe you've summed it up quite nicely. Good job.
A link to me from Kos? I need to take a shower.
fsp after reading your excuses for Foley I will be showering!!
I had a convo on Atrios' blog today about Castle too.
The word is getting out.
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