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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Just let the fact that Michael Castle thinks Bush is doing a "great job" sink in for a second....

...okay. Now read this:

Seventeen Americans killed in three days:

BAGHDAD (AFP) - At least 17 US soldiers have been killed around Iraq since Saturday, including eight in a single day in Baghdad, the US military announced, saying the toll had brought "a tragic day".

The toll represents a dramatic spike for US casualties in Iraq which generally average no more than a couple of wounded a day, especially for the Baghdad-based forces.

What's Castle's latest position on Iraq? When he moves his left index finger it means "stay the course" and when he moves his right index finger it means "Freedom is on the march."

You are a bastard.
Do you have any info to back up any claim you've ever made? This is the best comedy site on the internet. Keep it up!
I may be a bastard, but my bastardy does not have the far reaching effects that Bush/Castle's does.

As for proof - did you miss the fact that Castle has canceled all of his appearances through election day?

Okay then.
Guess what finger I am moving.
One good thing from all this. Carper won't be able to stand up in public with his good friend Castle while we've got a great candidate running for the U.S. House. Sheesh.
Guess what finger I am moving.

who fingered Mark Foley?
sorry, could not resist
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