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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Joe Biden and John Murtha get somewhere

Well it took nearly a year of rhetorical kicking and screaming, but Biden and Murtha's plans for Iraq are getting some attention at last.

Times Online--A special panel set up to advise the White House on Iraq is to propose radical changes to US policy including the large-scale withdrawal of US troops, it has been reported. The commission, which won the backing of George Bush, will recommend two options which would effectively represent reversals of US policy. One of these, called "Redeploy and Contain", would see the phased withdrawal of US troops to bases outside Iraq where they could be deployed against terrorist organisations anywhere in the region.

That was the Murtha plan from last year.

Another alternative, titled "Stability First", calls for continuing to try to stabilise Baghdad and boosting efforts to bring insurgents into politics, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. Under this option, Iraq’s neighbours, Iran and Syria, would be brought in to help end the fighting.

That is the Biden plan that Dennis Spivack favors. While the News Journal continues to help Castle stonewall Iraq as a campaign issue, Spivack's public statements on Iraq stand in stark contrast to Michael Castle's who continues to support George Bush's "stay the course" strategy for defeat while making empty claims to "support the troops".

Of course the Republicans can't give Biden or Murtha credit but pretend that Jim Baker devised these new strategies. That is okay. We Democrats don't care who gets the credit.

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