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Friday, October 13, 2006


Jim Centers is my hero

UPDATE: Mike Matthews is also my hero. The YouTube clips are classic. Castle is slick, slick, slick.

His report from the "he can walk and talk at the same time" Castle show.

I showed up a few minutes late for Mike's Rockford Park press conference and walkabout. I waited at the edge of a twenty to thirty person group who were asking real tough questions, like, "do you think Hastert should resign? Will the Republicans maintain their lead in the house and senate?"Mike's answers stuck to the talking points around how he's done a great job, blah, blah blah, etc; it's going to be close...

A young lady at his side finally said thank you, the Channel 12 news team asked if he'd "mike up" for his walkabout. As he was threading the mike through his sweater, I moved in front of him, stuck out my hand, and said, "sir, good to see you up and about". He shook my hand and said thank you. Someone else jumped in with a question and after he answered them I said, "bet you're glad you got that great Congressional health plan that helped you get better, but what about the millions of Americans who don't have or can't get health care coverage? Are you doing anything for them?" He came back with standard talking points about how he's championed increased benefits, etc. I responded back that the government spending hadn't kept up with inflation and he argued that it had. I should have told him that the actual dollars spent was, indeed
higher, but the number of covered individuals was down. When I responded that couldn't be the case he said that I should contact him at the Wahington office if I had any information to support my contention.

I then asked about his tariff reduction bills; he asked if I'd heard his entire remarks, I responded that I was sorry I had
been late and missed them. He responded that he did it to save the jobs of Delawareans. I really wanted to ask if the resulting campaign contributions from those companies were on a sliding scale or had he drawn up a fee schedule on a Green Room napkin, but, my balls gave out and I didn't. It is really intimidating to stand up face to face with someone in power and ask them the hard questions they deserve. My bad...

As Mike and the gang began their stroll around the perimeter road, a black cameraman who had been taping the event walked up to me and asked me about my remarks. I asked him if Mike had mentioned rescheduling the Spivack debates. He didn't answer that question but asked if I'd ever heard Spivack talk. My response was no, but that I'd read a lot of what he's had to say. He asked if I'd made up my mind about who I would vote for. I said, "there's no way I can vote for a man who supported President Bush's folly of a war."

Sorry I couldn't have been a better soldier for the cause.

jim center

Are you kidding? You not only called out Castle but you called out our weak-ass press corp. Great work.

Why don't you fight a race where polling shows you're no talent ass clown candidate is within 40 pts?
Wow, that medical cover up was really true! Oh wait, nope you're a moron. Any other cover ups you want to comment on? JFK? Lincoln? I hear Howard Dean is a robot who runs renewable energy? Dr. Jason, get on it! Seriously, you talk like you went to medical school but when I hear you on the radio you sound like you didn't pass 3rd grade.
This is not about Castle being able to feed himself. It is about his shitty record.
It's interesting how you change your tune every few days. Maybe it's because you're a clueless fool.
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