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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


It's The Ground Game Stupid

Major props to KarmicJay who is already signed up for phone banking. eveyone else read this:

The other day I watched TV in horror as Dear Leader and Turd Blossom strolled across the White House lawn, smirking, and declaring that they had no worries about the upcoming election. The Republican were going to win again.

Being a Democrat, and therefore justifiably paranoid, I wondered what October surprise they had in store for us.

Today I've been watching the political marathon on MSNBC and I figured it out. Mary Matalin was on explaining why the Republicans were going to win again. She kept saying "you don't understand, we've got the ground game." Repeatedly she defended R candidates by saying "I've seen his ground game plan and he's going to be reelected. Nothing can beat the GOP ground game."

They are planning to beat our brains out again with their GOTV machine. There is only one defense and that's to build our own GOTV machine. Please volunteer. Email Kristin Dwyer to volunteer for election day GOTV activities. Join your District Committee and work with them to Get Out The Vote! There's 13 days left and we can do this in every district. A few hours of your time can make a difference. If you can walk, walk. If you can talk, talk.

I happen to think that all that "confidence" that Bush is showing is just him with his head up his ass again. I'm confident but not cocky. We still have a lot of work to do, but this time the wind is at our backs. Let's close the deal.

Reach out to those you know. Walk up and down your street. Talk to neighbors you see every day and rarely speak to.

Remind them of the election, and where the polling place is (seems like it changes every year...) Remind them of the hours: 7am to 8pm. Tell them what to bring: voter card or ID

If they ask you how you feel about anything, tell them......
Gotta do what we can, it's only the country that is at stake.
Anon's points are also well taken.
Jason.. thanks for the kind words. I wish more of us at least voted if not anything else.
perhaps it can be something we discuss Thursday...I am in and I think i may have a few children to make a call or two....
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