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Monday, October 02, 2006


If you like Bush vote for Mr. Berg

Yes. It is that simple.

The only meanigful vote against Bush is to vote for Dennis Spivack.

Everything else is fantasy world thinking.

Sorry, but it is.

I see the forces opposed to Castle's enablement of the Republican agenda have taken a page from history to craft their strategy:

Custer knew he was outnumbered, though he did not know by how much (probably something on the order of 3 to 1), but despite that knowledge he split his forces in three parts... (link)
Our liberal infatuation with self defeat is the only thing that keeps conservatives in the game.

If liberals and progressives ever woke up to the fact that we do not live in a parlimentary system, R's would be routed in every election.
Wasn't there a comment here from Mike Matthews earlier today? Did it run away?
I can see how you'd think that mot newbie. I'm sure it was on another of Jason's repetitive, repetitivem posts.

I'm actuallt thankful that Castle had a mild stroke. It got Jason out of his "I called the Congressman's office today to ask why he's a poophead" rut.
"Our liberal infatuation with self defeat is the only thing that keeps conservatives in the game."

Wrong! Your liberal and progressive ideology defeats you every day.
why are you leaving out Karen Hartley-Nagle! She won 40% of the vote! Why does your boy Dennis refuse to debate this woman? How can you think of sending Dennis to congress if he is fearful of taking on a woman opponent in Delaware?

Why are you supporting a man right out of Delaware machine politics?

My vote is going for Karen Hartley-Nagle...a person who has no connections to lobbyists an outside interests. A person who is one of us...will work for the citizens and not corporate America or Corporate Delaware..

We need to make history in Delaware, send a woman to Congress.

What is liberal or progressive when you want to "silence others"...that is backward thinking, its repulsive to me. I have been around the Delaware Democrat Party for years...many of those hacks and back stabbers should never hold public office. They have their friends and cronies...and they bribe, conjol, make backroom deals...just like the republicans...its time for a change...send a message to both parties...and elect Karen Hartley Nagle....HELL THE MEN WE HAVE SENT TO WASHINGTON, HAVE DONE A TERRIBLE JOB...LETS GIVE A WOMAN A SHOT!
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