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Monday, October 23, 2006


If you can't make "cold calls try "hot calls"

With only a few weeks to go we need everyone working on GOTV stuff

But let's face it for many people going down to the state party headquarters and making cold calls from a voter list sucks. [Please, please, please make time to do it, but do it knowing that it might suck.]

To everyone who HAS done it and is continuing to get geared up for some good GOTV activities let me be the first to say, "thank you!"

For the rest of you keyboard jockeys and arm chair activists, if the only thing you plan to do to help out GOTV this time is read Delawareliberal and maybe put up a few snarky anti-Castle comments then you are not doing enough. So I'm asking all delawareliberal readers who hate cold calling to make at least twenty "hot calls".

What are hot calls?

"Hot calls" are to the people in your personal phone book that you think are Democrats who might not be as plugged into politics and elections as you. "Hot call" your old roommate from college, your Mom and Dad and say "You are planning to vote, right?"

"Hot call" old friends that now live in Dewey. You know, the ones you used to work with that you have not seen for a while. Call to say hello and keep in touch and while you are chatting asks them if realize that a vote for Spivack is a vote against George Bush?

"Hot call" the best man from your wedding and say "Dude, you better get your sorry ass to the polling place this November 7th or I am going to show everyone those pictures. I swear I will."

You get the idea. These are people you have a rapport with.

Why would you call these people?
Some of the races are going to be won or lost by the thinnest of margins. We need every vote and if your friend from college is thinking about voting but has not yet thought through when or where they vote - THEY MIGHT NOT VOTE. I know it sounds impossible but most people tune out the ads and don't read twenty blogs a day. It is your job to get them thinking about voting. Plant the seed.

So here is your homework. Think of twenty-five people to call and list them. They don't have to live in your district or even Delaware. Wherever they are there is probably an important race this time out.

Use the comments section below to trash this idea or to help spread the word. If everyone here makes twenty "hot calls" and part of your script is telling them what you are doing and asking them to make even ten "hot calls" then we are getting something done.

Sure, some of those twenty people might think you are being a pain in the ass, but so what? I don't want to be sitting around on the 8th of November thinking about what else I could have done.

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