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Thursday, October 26, 2006


The idiotic, insane, stupid, dumb AG race

Check out this list of typical AG powers:

Typical powers of the Attorneys General include the authority to:

* institute civil suits;

* represent state agencies and defend and/or challenge the constitutionality of legislative or administrative actions;

* enforce open meetings and records laws;

* revoke corporate charters;

* enforce antitrust prohibitions against monopolistic enterprises;

* enforce air, water pollution, and hazardous waste laws in a majority of states;

* handle criminal appeals and serious statewide criminal prosecutions;

* intervene in public utility rate cases; and

* enforce the provisions of charitable trusts.

Now ask yourself - why is the race not dealing with ANY of these issues?

Can it be due to the fact that Ferris Wharton keeps saying Criminal prosecution...CRIMINAL PROSECUTION?

That is my guess.
because somebodies son has no idea what the job requires....

3 times to pass the bar and he is going to be an AG? scary
could it be that Junior Joe Biden has no experiance in those areas either?!?
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