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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I live in a glass house... I'm not saying nothing.

Just check out Blue State Rising on the latests Ramone attack mailer.

If that's the response that mailer gets, then Ramone should just stroll casually right on through Election Day and right on down to Dover for the next Assembly.
That's the "negative" mailer you've been whining about for days ?!?

no wonder you never posted it on your blog.

mean old Mike Ramone criticised Sakola for voting for his own payraise. Whaaaa
Hah well if you believe the pay raise is the root of every budget problem in every gov't dept in the state of delaware (Which Mike's mailers have claimed, specifically with del dot and DOE) then sure these mailers make sense. But if you have any logic you realize Mike's attacks are plain silly, how about ulbrich her vote for the pay raise magically didn't have the same evil effect as dave's?
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