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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


How Michael Castle's buddies spent your money

Castle's blind faith in Halliburton to manage your money was established here:

"Rep. Castle voted to continue awarding contracts to Halliburton even after the Pentagon's own audit processes found that more than $100 million of their contractor's costs in Iraq were unreasonable."

Now Donviti contributes the fact that KBR (a Halliburton subsidiary) charged 55% of their contracts to "overhead".

I don't know about you but I think a "for profit" company charging 55% to overhead is a bit much. But, someone like Michael Castle might say, "What's the big deal? Companies are supposed to make money. So what if we had to borrow from future tax revenue - we are safer now than we were two years ago?"

To people like Castle I would say, "Read tommywonk and get back to me" "

"Unless you somehow believe, despite the evidence, that deficits don't matter, you cannot avoid the fiscal failure of our federal government."

NOTE:Down below a reader asks, "are the debates on Thursday between Spivak and McCastle for the public?" I don't know. I'll try to get some info. If anyone knows please put something in the comments section.

Of course, you fail to mention that the vote in question (the alleged support of Haliburton, although they're never expressly mentioned in the ammendment) saved taxpayers from having to bear the burden of a low-bidder's bid being thrown out for all army contracts in Iraq and hurricane-ravaged regions. The amendment said nothing about the no-bid contracts that Haliburton was awarded (in which they juiced up their overhead). The amendment was an attempt to punish Haliburton for their previous wrongdoings by punishing taxpayers.

"Unless you somehow believe, despite the evidence, that deficits don't matter, you cannot avoid the fiscal failure of our federal government."

Exactly. Then why would you vote for that particular amendment which did nothting to protect
Give me a break. Now Castle is a hero for NOT standing up to Bush. Get your story straight.
Who said he was a hero? Who said he stood up to Bush? All that was said was that the ammendment in question only punished corporations like Haliburton at the direct expense of American taxpayers and did nothing to prevent Haliburton from doing further damage. That is why Castle voted against it. The boiler-plate GOP-smearing website which you sited just spun it so that it looked like Castle made a vote in favor of Haliburton, when actually he made a vote in favor of American taxpayers. If something sounds completely ridiculous, it probably is. Just do a background check, that's all I ask.
Mike Castle is a moderate centrist, who believes in helping people help themselves. He is moral and honest and gentle and kind. He is the master of talking both sides of an issue in the same sentence. I know, I learned how from him.

His party, the Republican Party, unfortunately is none of the above.
But to play ball, you have to follow the team rules. (that could explain Carper's tack against the prevailing wind.){Must be a governor thing, It doesn't seem to affect Biden) If you don't follow the team rules, you can't play. and Castle was able to 3 point his stem cell bill right into Bush's basket.

At what expense? We are uncovering new ones daily as everyone goes over his record before the election. Yes, we like him. Yes, he is a nice guy and a moderate Republican, but he is a Republican and they are the sole source of this country's woe. Fortunately, we have an awesome choice in Spivak as his opponent. A moderate Democrat, (who has not been a governor), well versed on all issues, who will elevate Delaware's stature in Congress, above what it is now.

No Republican can fix the Party. They are too far over the edge. Only a Democrat like Spivak can make us proud of Washington again.
How was that Spivack campaign commmercial you just posted relevent to the discussion?
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