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Sunday, October 01, 2006


The GOP cover up of ongoing cybersex w/underage boys

The Democratic leadership weighs in:

"The American people have a right to feel confident that their Congressional leaders are committed not just to the best interest of the nation as a whole, but also to the safety of the young people who every year travel to Washington to work on Capitol Hill. The allegations against Congressman Foley are repugnant, but equally as bad is the possibility that Republican leaders in the House of Representatives knew there was a problem and ignored it to preserve a Congressional seat this election year." - Harry Reid

Republicans are just horrible people. Even local republicans that pretend to be decent. They will say or do ANYTHING to win elections.

Wow, so you just managed to lump Dave into this? You just get more pathetic as the minutes tick by, don't you? You even now imagine the insults.

Jason - lick your imaginary wounds. Stephanie is an intelligent, smart woman. She also happens to know the Delaware Way. The insult in that is where?

Unfortunately, I have to dog you on this again, because you're starting to teeter on the personal vendetta path. Copied from a comment on Dave's blog...

On Frightland, stop trying to justify your hatred. Your reasons are legit, but your claims are fraudulent and libellous; but good for you they don’t care about Jason Scott and your exaggerating lies. You said yourself that they are a Porn / Crack House, but then finally admitted that was your description based on your disdain for their existence. As far as their charity, I won’t fight you on that, because I don’t have any proof to the contrary. Good for you to save the world, according to Jason Scott. Bravo Robot, Bravo!
You idiot.

I said Frightland opening up every year was like having a strip club or crackhouse open up in your neighborhood every year.

get it right.
You explained that after I dogged you. You made your comment and let it hang. I just happened to be the only one to care enough to call you on it. You even admitted that I was killing you on it (for just insisting on clarification of your comments).
to you are just taking everyone down you don't agree with for making statements they never made. You even have Mike Mahaffie and Mike (DWA) confused on where you're coming from! What happened to you? Jokingly, you're a wingnut, but something evil entered your skull and everyone is suddenly a target.
Frightland is the target.

You and Dave are why good people don't go into politics.

I hope that clears it up for you.
and you're just the bastion of hope for all, too. I agree there are people out there that avoid politics for fear of bad things, like personal attacks. Dave and I are hardly those reasons. Once again, you are imagining things to make your point. If we are your targets, then you are sadly off point. Dave and I have our own fish to fry in our own party, Jason. We will occassionally point out things about the D side, unlike your obsession with the R side. Nevermind your endless commenting that all Rs are bad people. That won't keep people from entering the fray? You're right that it clears it up. You don't need to say more, because you are saying plenty, about yourself.

Once again, NOBODY, NOONE, NOWHERE smeared Hansen. Any smear you sensed was all in your head, Jason. I'm glad you're a D at this point. Your support can be quite scary at times, if you were with me, that is.
Feel better?

Why did you feed Dave that cock and bull story in the first place Mr. Above The Fray?

Give me a break.
You mean about Hansen as a POSSIBLE replacement to Vaughn? I wasn't his only source, bud. If I was, yeah, I would be taken aback, but I wasn't. Additionally, I would have told him not to post something with me as his only source. I never want to be anyone's only source. That's a bad thing to break news with one source. I will be wrong or misled every so often (translated: I am not perfect), so I want to have my leads validated. This came down the pike a couple of months ago and it was chatter and it was sat on. Recently, it was validated and not through me. Understand that? There was no attempt to print anything when it was first mentioned.

Come on, Jason, you're active in committees, I'm sure you've been the recipient to information like this before. I am also sure you have moles from our side telling you what is going on as there is vice-versa.

Do you really even care if Hansen took his spot at final hour? Better worded, would you feel better or worse if that happened?
...and to bunk your stereotype of anyone who is registered R (as you so nicely put it on my blog), I never once voted for GWB, thanks. My concern is more for the right platform and person, not the right party. I think a majority all-of-congress party in the same line with the executive branch party is very bad for the population, period. That goes for D's, R's, or any future party that might eventually get a foothold. We are best off having the legislative branch have a slight-majority which differs from the controlling party in the executive branch. That way, nothing is a rubber stamp, but we aren't guaranteed deadlocks, either. It forces negotiation and the necessity to work together to solutions.

That is where my ideology lives. Thanks.
Well well. A Republican (not named Tyler Nixon) with priciples. It is going to take me a while to recover from your most recent revealation.
as I am sure it will take many others, too. Those closest to me knew for quite some time. It is why I stopped standing by and watching. I am sorry only for the amount of time it took.
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