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Monday, October 16, 2006


Gilsdorf/Crossan smear campaign backfires

Delaware GOP shows (yet again) they've got nothing.

Bill Powers, the Democratic candidate for NCC's 6th New Castle County Council District, did everything right for a guy who ran into some economic hardships. Now he is coming out smelling like roses while low roader Bob Gisldorf and Dave "Rove Jr." Crossan continue to use smears rather than run on ideas.

Powers put his farm into farmland preservation rather than sell off to the highest bidder for another McMasion development. That tells you a lot about his sensibilities. Now the Delaware GOP tries to turn that into a liability in a council district where over development is the number one issue. Smart. Smarter still, in an unexpectedly bush league play, Gilsdorf himself has been spreading the slime around Middletown.

Contrary to Ron William's observation, "His Republican opponent, Rob Gilsdorf, apparently has been able to maintain credible deniability and stayed out of the fray." The talk around Middletown is of Gilsdorf's brazen idiocy in trying to push this smear to Democrats and Republicans alike. It seems Gilsdorf's walk lists don't either don't feature little D's and R's next to the voters name OR Crossan never told Gilsdorf what those letters stand for.

Either way, great going Bob ! Keep up the good work.

The guy tried to hide his unpaid taxes from voters. Gilsdorf didn't bring it out. Ron Williams did. Gilsdorf has declined to make an issue of it in many media opportunities, while Powers' brother wrote letters to the editor and lied about Powers never being sued. Powers did this to himself. If he had come forward with it before Ron Williams, he could have easily turned it into a positive. But he tried to keep it in the closet.

If Powers was a Republican, you'd be all over him.
Nobody lied about about Powwers not being sued because he was not sued. If he was sued when was the court date?

He paid up and was all square with the county.
And, if Gilsdorf and his flock of spinless supporters are so above smear campaigns, why did they leave a copy of the legal document in the door of The Middletown Transcript? They didn't even have the courage to stand up and admit they are doing a smear campaign. Weak. And how about his response? Stating he wants to talk about the issues in his opening paragraph and following it up with 4 paragraphs about Bill's taxes. If I was a grade school english teacher, I would have given him a failing grade.
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