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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Gerry Fulcher, radio doofus, was stung by this post

Patricia (Pat) Morrison in the 5th Senate District is reaping two whirlwinds. One is the same sloppy redistricting that is boosting Eric Levin in the 11th. The other is a supercharged Democratic base that is chomping at the bit to repudiate Republicanism wherever they find it. Morrison's opponent Cathy Clouiter, while a darling of radio doofus Gerry Fulcher, has run a lack luster campaign that has left her base cold. Ron Williams beat me to this one, but a Morrison win will only surprise Celia Cohen.

He just called me out by name again with that threadbare lie that I would vote for "corrupt Democrats" over honest Republicans.

What an idiot!! He is like a juke box. Drop in a nickel and the same tired song comes out. In his case the nickel is talking about his girlfriend Cathy Clouiter who is gong to need to get her resume in order.

I heard that. I like the way he did it in the closing minutes of the show so you didn't have a chance to call in. Class act.
I'm not calling that doofus. If they want me a guest I'll look into it, other wise he can take pot shots at me all he likes.
He is like a juke box. Drop in a nickel and the same tired song comes out.

Um, sounds familiar??
George Bush is wrecking this country...uh. I mean...
Fulcher is a lying ass alright, I said so on air, just ask Rick Jensen!!!!
The fact that they try to pass him off as being "on the left" is a joke.
Yes, Nancy, I heard it.

Fulcher is left, but he is as pissy on that as are most people with their party's status quo. Its just that there is more than one idea to fix the parties and his aren't yours.

Take me for instance, some people think my entrenched in the far-right party can be fixed by only going further right...well, hell no. They will try to burn my card, but f-them if they can't take some diversity and grow from it.
DE's bellweather status is for tolerance and prople (maybe too much) accepting diversity and keeping to the center...the DLC leadership style though has not been good on the national level....the BUSHCO does not have the middleclass or lower in their wish book for advancement.
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