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Friday, October 27, 2006



Being an inconsistent and empty headed contrarian is fun. Just look at Dana.

Now Dana not only supports John Feroce(fine Vaughn sucks), but he also supports Mike Ramone in favor of Dave Sokola. Not only that but he is also withholding support for Pat Morrison, in favor of noted DIP(Delaware Incumpbent Party) candidate Cathy Coultier. [Backstory: Dana's ass-kissing buddy Gerry Fulcher has a nut for Cloutier so Dana does not play the DIP card in her case.] Dana either does not get the big picture (and I don't think he is that dumb) or is just getting off on being the state's biggest contrarian. I know, it is mind boggling.

By supporting these low-lifes for the State Senate he is in effect supporting the king low-life,John Still. If Ramone, Feroce and Clouiter win Still will stand a very good chance of being the State Senate majorty leader that will be a dark day for Delaware. Tyler Nixon even said of Still, "Mr. Still has permanently earned from me, in all his pursuits, whatever the opposite of aid and comfort are." For Dana to even suggest that he is a liberal while working for this outcome is laughable. It is the very definition of farce.

UPDATE: I'm not the opnly one who is onto Dana's Bullshit. From DW comments:

"Let's see if we can get the Republi-Green Noise Machine to acknowledge that SB 94, which forces the General Assembly to become open and accountable to the FOIA was sponsored by Karen Peterson and co-sponsored by Dave Sokola, and is only held up by the execrable Vaughan."

Dana's hating on Sokola, without ever meeting the guy, is just wrong.

Sokola is actually a centrist Dem with many progressive positions, including his co-sponsorship of Karen Peterson's bills to re-regulate electricity, and to bring the General Assembly under FOIA.
I don't think the progressive dems would enforce a person who aligned with the characteristics of being a member of the "DIP"
anon 2,

Jason's just pissed that his party wasn't the one that embraced open government as a unit first.
I have to say as a bit of poltical theater it is a high fly ball to center. Will it get over the fence ? We'll see.
Jason, what I meant to say was Sokola obivously isn't a stubborn,close minded "DIP" senator. If he was a "DIP" I doubt the progressive dems would of endorsed him.
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