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Saturday, October 07, 2006


The Doug Williams/News Journal Approach to Politcal Reporting

I found this graphic at a story about education - but given the NJ's recent political reporting I think it sums up the situation at the News Journal far better than I could with mere words.

It is shocking to see you omitted from the tariff article, Jason.

A letter to the editor is in order.
I'm not pissed about that - but the emptyheaded transcribing of Castle's and Carper's talking points without digging into the real story in any real way was just lazy journalistic malpractice.
Not to lose your point, but this illustration about the NJ is funny. Good job. Now go celebrate at Frightland.
And there is a real Delaware story to be found here.

The current tariff suspensions are part and parcel of the long downward arc that began with the Dupont downsizings in the 80s. The manufacturing jobs were offshored; now the companies want to be rewarded for their offshoring practices and relieved of even the minimal burden of the import fees.
..and yet the NJ can only type up and press what someone "says". They can't investigate or report on anything in the conventional sense.

I have an email from Williams which pretty much admits as much.
X = 5
No wonder the kid got it wrong; the question uses the communist metric system.
happy for politcal editor of the news journal.
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