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Monday, October 16, 2006


Doug Williams is a punk-ass Castle shill

I hope Williams, the NJ's politcal editor, sues me for saying that. Then I could call him and Castle out in court for playing both sides of the illness issue.

On the one hand Castle is too sick to debate Dennis Spivack and yet he is well enough to hob nob with rich donors and Chemical company execs. When will this situation be mentioned in Delaware's paper of record? Don't hold your breath.

The facts of Castle's record should be news. The fact that he is trying to run away from his record should be news. The facts support the conclusion that the News Journal is helping Castle run the clock out in this election and allowing him to escape any accountability for suppporting George Bush and his half-assed war in Iraq.

So I'm ready for those court paper's Doug. Bring 'em on you fatuous fop !

You go man! But libel is a lot more harder to prove in the US as opposed to say the UK. But I agree with you how there is no news about Castle's illness and his shirking the debate Dennis Spivack.
Castle is a flat out chicken.
yea castle must still be feeling the burn from his and spviack's first debate on sept. 14th. oh wait, thats right. spivack made an ass out of himself as your boy mike reported.

Mike is a good guy but nver warmed up to Dennis. Just get Castle to explain why he still supports Bush and his war and we can all get on with our lives.

If he does not support Bush anymore knowing that would be great to know too.

Jason...haha! You are funny re: Anonymous=Elizabeth. Too good!! Or, as Nancy Willing would say...HOOT!
Who else could still be a castle/bush supporter other than someone who is getting paid to do it?
i dont know, jason. you might want to consider becoming a castle supporter as it would be far easier for you to continue to criticize him for another two years than it would for you to try to defend spivack's enormous ineptitude.
Dear Ms. Wenk,

I don't recall Spivack voting for Bush's half-assed war and everyone of Bush's less-than-half-baked tax cuts so I don't even get what you are driving at. Are you tying to get me to join the staff?

Seriously. I don't get it.
have you ever criticized someone of something and had them respond with an argument that demonstrates just how accurate your critique was? that happened to me once when i implied that a certain person had spent the better part of the last six months attempting to negate mike castle's record in a contrived way because dennis spivack is an unelectable candidate. thus negating castle's record in a contrived way was the only means with which that person could make an argument for spivak's election. that person responded by negating mike castle's record in a contrived way.
I don't have to contrive anything. Look at Castle's record you nit wit.
What a goofball. The only person trying to "negate" Castle's record is Castle.

I don't think it is Wenk. I think it is Doug Williams.
and then it continued...
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