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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Dennis Spivack Just Kicked Ass on WDEL

Spivack veered away from the notion that the tariff subsidies are illegal (that is debatable) - but pointed out that Delaware is not getting anything for Mr. Castle's largess.

Bonus:Dave from First State Politics called and let the cat out of the bag that we were separated at birth and he was raised by wolves while I was raised by hippies.

Update: Live blogging Al's Show Part II Somebody thought I was serious when I posted this last year:

Why not a European style economic/monetary union for North America?

As Bush meets with the leaders of Canada and Mexico I think that the possibility of a real free trade economic monetary union with our largest trading partners needs to be considered.

If we could harmonize our labor laws, as Europe has done, we would solve our immigration problems. This monetary union would also allow us to compete with China (for a while anyway).

North Americanists see that strength in unity is particularly important in today's multipolar world. They argue that a united and independent North America has become increasingly necessary, while a politically divided North America is disadvantageous in many areas, including economic, cultural, political, social, scientific, diplomatic and military.

(artist conception of what the "Flag of the North American Union" might look like - the word "Indiana" would be photoshopped out of course)

The North American Capital could be built in Oklahoma City. Over time we could bring in Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.

So, who is with me?

NY Post online ^ | October 12, 2006
President Bush took a moment yester day to point with pride at a re election campaign promise kept: He vowed two years ago that his tax cuts would produce enough new revenue to cut the federal deficit by half in five years, and the latest figures show they've done just that - three years early. It now stands at $247.7 billion - down from $520 billion in 2004. And it's continuing to drop. "These budget numbers are proof that pro-growth economic policies work," Bush said
Hey I had some money saved up but blew it on women, cards and booze. I put myself in $50,000 debt then paid more back than I said I was going to. I'm an economic genius.
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