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Friday, October 27, 2006


Dana deserves a lot of credit

Dana has really pushed this open government issue forward consitently. I don't think that it is an overstatement to say that Dana Garrett has changed how poltics are done in Delaware.

Wow. We're a long way from "Ego-a-g-go."

His endorsment of Ramone and CLoutier is stil bogus and I plan in calling him out on that. But I pride myself in being reality based.
...But I pride myself in being reality based.

And yet the Spivack-ery...
After long DelawareWatch-watching it seems to me Dana's main peeve is (justifiably) open government.

I think he has concluded that Democrats are the problem, and only Republican control of the Senate can open the GA.

This has led him to his intellectually dishonest endorsements of any Republican running for any Senate seat in contention. Even when said candidates are opposed to most of the other beliefs Dana has claimed to care about in the past.

Dana has successfully managed to compartmentalize himself and justify all the typical Republican positions held by his endorsees. The social conservatism. The social Darwinism. The anti-labor, anti-consumer, pro-corporate positions. Dana chooses to ignore all that.

He may call himself a Green or a free agent. But for all practical purposes in this election cycle Dana is a Republican.

Maybe the Senate will pick up some Republican seats. But Dana will not get his integrity back.
That is a prescient analysis.
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