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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Crossan Bashing

From down below.

If Ferris loses it falls squarely on Crossan's desk and on Strine's manicured Pennsylvania lawn. Crossan took on the mission of not just being GOP director but also Wharton head campaign hack. A Wharton loss without Strine and Crossan's immediate ouster will be proof positive that the GOP is finished in Delaware and will never get it."

I care too much about the future of our state and country to hope for that Crossan somhow escapes the blame and continues to screw up the Republican party.

My favorite Strine quote, one more time:

Strine said the primary losses were a "big surprise" that officials were digesting Wednesday as they geared up for the general election. "We are trying to figure it out. If I knew what we were doing wrong or too much of or not enough of, we would clearly correct it," he said. (link)
Republicans have a problem and the problem is in Washington. The problem has little to do with anything on the state level. But there is nothing the local party of Republicans can do. I am not partisan, but I have trouble even voting for the Republican I knew as an undergraduate. That is sad. So sad it is, that we cannot have politics as usual in a state that thrives on personality, regardless of party. I personally like many Republicans, but in this election season,to vote for one. I'm sorry, I can't. And the reason is your party in Washington. What would it take for me to vote for anyone of these Republicans candidates? I could if they switched parties. So sorry, but that is the way it is after much soul searching.
The Delaware GOP is a group of lost souls that can't see the forrest for the trees. Their National Committee woman has been around screwing up campaigns for over 30 years and the dummies that give money can't see it.
They will be held accountable this time because of their heavy handed tactic of holding down the younger people and better canidates. They will be held accountable for their getting involved with stupid losers like Clatworthless and Buriss. Change is coming. Brace for impact.
still working on that staff fetish?
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