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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Cory Lidle plane coming to Delaware

The small plane carrying New York Yankee Cory Lidle that crashed into a 40-story apartment building Wednesday will be in Delaware shortly. The parts will be catalogued and stored by a Delaware company that specializes in airplane forensics and managing airplane wreckage as courtroom evidence.

Whenever a plane crashes a huge amount of money comes into play. A number of insurance companies, the airplane manufacturer and the families of those affected by the crash each have a keen interest in pinning down the exact cause of the crash. So while the FAA investigation may conclude relatively quickly - the planes components will be studied for years.

This is off-topic for me, but I thought it was interesting.

Where in Delaware?
yeah it is a bit off topic and weird but it puts the mind in a doldrums...a restful, deathy place.
Al you never comment then this? What am I to think.

Smyrna. The company might be Hq'ed over the line in Maryland though. I'm not sure. I know someone who works for them and he/she has to go all over creation to collect smashed up small airplanes.
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