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Friday, October 20, 2006


Cloutier: How dare you call me a Republican !

The word is out that Cloutier did not like being in the Ron Williams column last week and she is pissed off at having a strong challenger in Pat Morrison this year. (For someone who loves the great democracy Bush has established in Iraq - Clouiter sure does not love democracy here.)

Anyway, she is so pissed at having an opponent this time that she has started a little campaign to muddy the water about her party affiliation. (Who could blame her.)
Click to enlarge.

UPDATE:Join this Delaware Watch endorsed effort to help dump another major league democracy hater Wayne Smith.

UPDATE II: Send your election predicitons to MOT NEWBIE.

Ungh. I purposely avoid stuff like what was going on in that picture. More fluff than a fluff-a-nutter sandwhich (more processed sugar, too, I am sure). It is comments like these that will probably keep me locked out of getting new leadership in 07.
If you want new DE GOp leadership pray for a Beau Biden win.
You ol' trickster, you. NEVER!!!

From my viewpoint, I don't think it will take key losses to force a change anymore. I think it will take shocking (and I emphasize that) wins to save them.

I am telling you this here??? I am so definitely on the blacklist now.
You mean "African-American list".

You racists bastard.
Oh, you are definitely going to Frightland now! It's on!
You mean Pat Morrison not Pat Williams
Look it's Dave Crossan defending Iraqi democracy from the comfort of Delaware. Dave, if you really want to defend democracy, I know the Army recruiter would love to talk with you.
Thanks anon for the correcttion.

anon 2 -

That was the sickening thing about these pep rallies they had two years ago. They invested NOTHING in our effort and walked around like they were these big heros, calling people like me traitors for saying the war was bullshit.
Pat Morrison is one of the Progressive DEMs that I back in totality.

I hope that DEMs get the vote out in her district and take her to Dover to do the people's work.

Cloutier came in like a Bono..on no experience but to carry the dead spouse's particular game, not on merits.
"Cloutier came in like a Bono..on no experience but to carry the dead spouse's particular game, not on merits."

Heh, just like Al Plant's widow, Hazel, eh??

Let's hear you call it like it is, whitey.
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