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Sunday, October 15, 2006


Celia Cohen comes out of the closet

If anyone can say that Celia Cohen is not a Michael Castle partisan after reading this you are simply not being honest:

"They entered, and there stood Mike Castle, looking like himself. Castle got more than a salute. People were standing, applauding, some even hooting, for his heroic return."

In my mind it would be "heroic" of Castle to try and defend his record. But for Celia, just showing up is heroic.

The Bottom Line:Celia has always been less journalist than booster, now she has set aside any pretense of being objective.

I just read through it and was thoroughly disgusted

WE KNOW that she was happy to be where Mike Matthews wasn't!!!!!!!

She stinks up the blogosphere.
In a way I'm kind of glad she is open about it now. I almost feel like I don't have to beat her up so much. It was the bogus "objectivity" that was killing me.
NOW she shows it? Dude, where you been?
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