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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Blogger Radio on WILM

Dave from FSP and I will be talking about:

- Immigration (Dace's pet issue)

- The economy with an emphasis on the uptick in the DOW (Dave "tax cuts work" Burris's pet topic

- The News Journal on "blogger ethics"

- The Lamont/Lieberman race which it getting interesting

- Saddam verdict announcement date moved to November 5th

- Jim Baker III picking up and pushing Joe Biden's plan for Iraq.

Post any questions or comments you want to be broadcast below and listen to the streaming audio here (provided they fixed it).

I listened. That show today was absolutely....

who took my potato chips? I actually saw one that looked like Lincoln!!!
That show today was absolutely....

f'ing great? Right?
shit I still never have gotten to hear this show....I wonder,, do they have an ipod section on the web?
That show today was absolutely....

f'ing great? Right?

I'm still looking at my "Lincoln" potato chip, hang on. Oh, is the show over?

I wasn't really into it this time; however, I put that on Dace. I think you and Dave handled yourself. Something about the way Dace presented it just didn't click with me.
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