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Monday, October 09, 2006


Back to back News Journal Letters Are Telling

Read these two letters and join me below to discuss.

Castle is willing to stand up and challenge both parties

Given the ever-increasing polarization of politics in this country, it is critical that voters reward elected officials who are not afraid to stand up to the more extreme elements of both parties.

Rep. Michael Castle has proven that he can reach out to members of both parties to bring them together on important issues. He also has proven that he is not afraid to take on his own party leadership when he feels they are off course.

In times like this, a vote for Mike Castle is a vote for diversified understanding and substantial experience.

Sally Hawkins, Milton

Carper should be ashamed of his detainee bill vote

In your Oct. 1, editorial last week, questioning the constitutionality of the detain-and-torture legislation, you failed to mention that Sen. Tom Carper voted in favor of its passage, joining Rick Santorum and the other conservative Bush backers, not an unusual alliance for our senator who has made that jump often over the last six years when faced with difficult and divisive issues.

If our junior senator voted "aye" in order to improve his re-election chances next month; it was an insult to the intelligence and judgment of Delaware's voters, most of whom are far more sophisticated about campaign tactics than he gives them credit for.

If his vote was an expression of his belief in the efficacy of torture, the suspension of habeas corpus, and the use of hearsay and/or torture to obtain "evidence," then Sen. Carper is not morally competent to represent me or anyone else who believes in the rule of law and a fair, impartial judicial system for all. Shame on him and his craven colleagues.

Doris M. Toll, New Castle

How perfectly do these letters point out the differences between Republican and Democratic voters? The first is nothing but a few empty talking points - totally unsupported by facts. "Vote for Castle blah...blah...blah" It is pure opinion. No supporting information is given about the claim that Castle stands "up to" the radical right wing of his party. And the simple reason is that that claim is completely false.

Now look at the Dmeocratic letter. The Democrat has a grasp of the constitutional and electoral issues at the heart of Carper's craven habeas corpus vote and uses the letters section of the NJ to try and expose Carper's perfidy.

Bottom Line: Republicans = Brain washed morons. Democrats = good citizens.

Note to Doug Williams: Perfidy means faithless or disloyal.

These dopes need to check the voting record. "Mike Castle is a moderate" is an urban legend.
Look. Someone agrees with me. They must be right.

Look. Someone disagrees with me. They must be wrong.
Good points Jason. So I guess a majority of the country are morons since the D's are not in power in the WH or Congress.

Wow, what are you blogging during your 8th grade study hall?
Given the circumstances, I think that the first letter assumed that the reader knew it was referring to the fact that Castle lead the Republican opposition in the House to the so-called torture act.
so is this your dopey WNJ letter of the week? if so I like your installment much better.
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